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Crispy suckling pig with a vegetable garnish and head

The prestigious majorcan chef Benet Vicens welcomes us in his restaurant “Bens d’Avall”, an establishment located in a privileged setting of Mallorca, between the towns of Sóller and Deià and the edge of the sea. Specialized in cuisine based on native ingredients.

Apricot Cake

1/2 vaso de leche
1/2 vaso de aceite de oliva
1 vaso de azúcar
4 huevos
250gr de harina de trigo
1/2 sobre de levadura
10 o 12 albaricoques
Un trozo de sobrasada cortada a trozos pequeños
Half a glass of milk – Half a glass of Mallorcan olive oil – 1 glass of sugar – 250g of wheat flour – 4 eggs – Half a packet of yeast – 10 or 12 apricots – A slice of sobrassada sliced into small pieces

Gató de Mallorca, typical almond cake

Its name derives from the French gâteau (cake) and appears to have originated in the eighteenth century Gallic cuisine, although the cakes made of almonds were consumed earlier. Thus the year 1679, on the occasion of the visit of Bishop Bernard Cotoner in the monastery of San Salvador, were served, among other foods, almond cakes.

Mallorcan pasties

These Mallorcan pasties (“Panades mallorquines“) are typical of Easter, here in Mallorca and the Balearics. Our grandmothers did before the holidays and so had made for dinner a few nights. If it become smaller in size serve a buffet.

Mallorcan soup

Ingredients for 4 people:• 200 ml olive oil • 4 cloves of garlic • 5 small fresh onions • 4 vine tomatoes • 200 g cauliflower • 150 g peas • 4 artichoke • 1 green pepper • 2 spoonfuls chopped parsley • 1 bunch of spinach  • 1 medium cabbage • 200 g baguette bread (soup), salt, pepper and water.

Puff pastry with sobrasada-escalibada filling

Ingredients for 4 people:
• 4 puff pastry rings • 100 g Sobrasada • 300 g Escalivada • 100 g cleaned and sauteed mixed mushrooms • Grated orange peel • 30 g grated Maonès cheese • White wine • Cream • Salt and pepper • Garden cress


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