cerdo-negro-mallorquin-3It’s one of the most primitive domestic animals of our islands that are still being farmed today. At present it is the only protected indigenous breed of pig in the Balearic Islands.




It’s the result of the incorporation of different pigs from each of the different civilizations which have settled in Mallorca, apart from the Moors. Recent studies confirm few genetic links between this breed and the typical breeds that are more common.



Its morphological features clearly distinguish it from other pigs, they are black with ears that fall toward their snout and typical dangly bits on the lower part of their neck.

The Associació de Ramaders de Porc Negre Mallorquí Selecte (an association of Mallorcan black pig farmers) has set in motion a preservation plan that includes exhibiting the pigs at fairs and markets, as well as educating farmers and promoting black pig products.

Many high quality products come from this breed. The Black Pig Sobrasada (a typical Mallorcan product) from Mallorca bearing the logo of the European Trademark of Protected Geographical Indication is the paradigmatic product obtained from this breed. Other products are the roast sucking pig or the suckling pig confit, the fresh meat and the lard. They are becoming ever more popular on both the island and in international markets, the export of the fresh meat to the most demanding market in the world – the Japanese- started in 2012, in six months the amount exported to this country is over 2000kg.