A tour: from the end of the 19th century till the beginning of the 20th.

Many different cultures, social and intellectual movements have met in Mallorca.

Going right back to Phoenician, Greek and Roman times we can see how all of these influences have given Mallorca its special character and community.

Impressionism in Mallorca
Art critique Rafael Perelló-Paradelo defined the 19th century as “representing one of the peak periods for Mallorcan painting”, the Mallorcan light and scenery captivated the avant-guarde artists.


Landscape school and Thematic Landscape
We can distinguish two kinds of landscapes among Mallorcan impressionism, the “thematic landscape” and the “landscape school”. The first mainly features in the Deià area and Pollença features in the “landscape school”.


The blog “La Pintura en Mallorca” (Painting in Mallorca) discusses artists that left their stamp on Mallorca.

Thanks to these paintings we know what the areas looked like along with the concerns and traditions of society at that time.