Bodegas José L. Ferrer Mallorca


Ca’n Carasses or Ca’n Pavese is a building in the middle of Palma.





Despite its medieval structure, what it is truly famous for are the grotesque faces carved over the entrance door and window architraves.

These faces come from a remodel, and are a clear example of the Mannerist style.


You can also see the Mannerist style on the bricks that adorn the entrance way and the many windows. The entrance door captures our attention, crowned with a large face, and a Latin inscription at the side, in memory of the death of the owner back in 1620, where we can also read the word EUNDO, which can be interpreted as “leave” detecting a mocking tone. Also on display is the Pavese family coat of arms.


It is worth mentioning the effect these faces have had, giving the name to the street and being the inspiration behind the present facade of City Hall.  Ca’n Carasses is almost a unique example of Genoese architecture in Palma, this street dazzles us with its history.